So, the last few days have felt like a year or two, right? 

I don’t know about you, but I am doing my best not to absolutely panic almost daily. And, it’s been breathing, the breath prayer, as well as meditation that has really been anchoring me and giving me moments of calm. In this short episode, I share just a quick story about how taking a walk somehow enabled me to calm down, become less overwhelmed, and see the beauty around me. 

If you haven't listened to Episode Four on the Breath Prayer, be sure to check that out as I think it's an incredibly important practice during this time. It's my hope that as you listen to this and future, episodes, you will be reminded of practices that can anchor you, center you, calm you, and connect you with God.

So, Be safe. Be well.  And through all of this, may we all have peace, may we all have calm, may we all have happiness.

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May you have peace, may you have calm, and may you have happiness.

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