In this episode, I introduce you to Fixed Hour Prayer and Liturgy; absolutely ancient and foundational practices in the history of the Christian tradition.

Fixed Hour Prayer is pausing to pray throughout our day at regular intervals- usually in the morning, around lunch, in the early evening, and before bed. Liturgy, meanwhile, is the guiding and organizing principles of a church’s worship gathering; the rituals, traditions, and structure within the service.

These are two practices that I was taught to view as too rote and traditional as well as lacking passion and vitality. I was so wrong. These practices have absolutely changed everything for me.

It was Fixed Hour Prayer and the Liturgy that revived my soul; it brought tears to my eyes; it gave me the words I knew I needed to pray but didn’t have the words for; it changed how I viewed and experienced church gatherings; it made me so much more appreciative of church history and global faith community.

Here are some incredible resources to start experiencing Fixed Hour Prayer: The Divine Hours (Volume One); The Divine Hours (Volume Two); The Divine Hours (Volume Three); The Divine Hours: Pocket Edition; Book of Common Prayer; The Online Book of Common Prayer; Hour by Hour

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