Many of us read ancient scriptures like we do a news article or a tweet; for information. But the ancient scriptures aren’t simply meant to be skimmed for info, they are to read for transformation. In this episode, I introduce you to Lectio Divina, Divine Reading, which is by far my favorite way to read and listen to scripture. 

And, you might just learn Latin in this episode. Ok, ok, you won’t be fluent, but you might learn four words, which will make you far from even remotely amateur. 

Here is a brief summary of how to do Lectio Divina:

Number 1 - Lectio: Read the passage. Listen for a word or phrase. 

Number 2 - Meditatio: Read the passage. Define that word or phrase.

Number 3 - Oratio: Read the passage. Write a letter to yourself from God about that word or phrase.

Number 4 - Contemplatio: Read the passage. How do you need to respond? What needs to happen? 

A couple of recommended books are: Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton and Invitation to a Journey by Robert Mulholland.

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May you have peace, may you have calm, and may you have happiness.

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