Dear Diary, After forgetting about you for almost 20 years, I picked you up and decided to reread parts of you. Oh dear Lord in heaven. What was I thinking of writing all that stuff? It’s some of the most hysterical, embarrassing, vomit-inducing, fundamentalist stuff I have ever read. It is epic. So, I have decided to read those parts to my podcast listeners. Sincerely, Nathan

Journaling is a powerful spiritual rhythm. It gives voice to our prayers, longings, and desires. It filters our prayers and thoughts to their core and can become a time capsule for our prayer life. It also can be a way to hear the still small voice of God. 

My favorite journals are MoleksineI've always got a handful lying around my office. A good resource about journaling is from a professor of mine: Journaling as a Spiritual Practice.

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May you have peace, may you have calm, and may you have happiness.

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